Anderlecht is coming from with the maximum fine and a strong admonition for the role of Vincent Kompany: out of respect for the rules


now, Anderlecht to come away with a maximum fine of 5,000 euro for the role of Vincent Kompany as a player-coach when he is not on the required trainer and offers. That is, the licensing committee of the football association on Tuesday revealed. The purple-and-white, and that the employment of the so-called head coach, Simon Davies does not even have to sign for will have a strong wipe out the pan. “The club, the rules of procedure long-lasting with your feet, and went, in spite of which the transgression is not to be publicly out, to get to a trainer without a degree”, says the judgment.

since his appointment, it was clear that Vincent Kompany as a player-coach at Anderlecht and the problems it would cause. Kompany does not have the required UEFA Pro trainer, and is required for teams in 1A. Last week it was the purple-and-white, on the bed with the Man. Anderlecht claimed there that Simon Davies is in fact the head coach has been made, it is considered by many to be a straw man.
Vincent Kompany and Simon Davies on the right. Photo: Isosport

The Man gave no belief to such an interpretation. They are citing several articles in the media, that Anderlecht are self-distributed, and a question-antwoordmoment between Vincent Kompany and fans of the club. Significantly, the contract with Simon Davies said, ” this according to the Man, not against it. His contract as head coach of Anderlecht and proved to be, after all, is not a signatory.

the Firm sneer at Anderlecht

The Man gets in his judgment, damage to the purple-and-white in their seemingly indifferent attitude about the whole thing. “Out of respect for the observance of the rules of procedure, which, however, is true in the best interests of the whole of the sport”, says strand. “Anderlecht was a requirement to have a qualified coach to have a long-term, with the feet of it, and went there, not publicly, to deal with a UEFA PRO licensed coach.
Anderlecht-manager-Jo Van Biesbroeck and of attorney, Bert Van der Auwera. Photo: BELGA

It follows, then, a maximum fine of 5,000 euros. “Taking into account the seriousness of the infringement, as well as the obvious financial potential of the club, such as inter alia shown in the figures in the submitted contracts, the maximum fine is appropriate and necessary in order for the club to turn the regulation will henceforth scrupulously to live up to,” he writes to the licensing committee of the football federation in a decision. We have, however, doubt that Anderlecht will be very impressed and will be of 5,000 euros. Kompany only earn a few millions of euros, for the purple-and-white.

the License in the world

you can, However, send the Man a big wake-up call in the direction of Anderlecht. “If it’s a club in the next few licentieseizoen 2020-2021 won’t do it (…), the granting of the license to the club is denied.” In the meantime, Anderlecht, with the help of Frank Vercauteren, however, a trainer is appointed to do, it’s right out of school, and that the club has clearly let it be understood that he is not a hand puppet, Vincent Kompany will have to be.

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