at Anderlecht, and for the party on Sunday night against STVV is an acute problem in the defense. Vincent Kompany is still injured, Derrick Luckassen is a suspension, and to make things worse, it would be as andrea Sandler is now lost due to the disease. The purple-and-white, this may be a noodverdediging office.

Due to the illness of Sandler, Frank Vercauteren and Vincent Kompany to be creative. Like Sandler, indeed, is not able to start, it will be Anderlecht will probably have to rely on Elias, Cobbaut. He’s the only central defender in the heart that is as fit as it is. Killian Sardella, Edo, Kayembe, and the 16-year-old Marco, the Canal may be as a stopgap solutions for the domain. Sandler’s not the only one who is out this week sick with Anderlecht): in the past, were also the Michel, Vlap, and the second goalkeeper Thomas Didillon all types of health problems.

for More about RSC Anderlecht, Topaankoop Michel, Vlap will see a new drive on Anderlecht: “Kompany talks to much, Vercauteren, adds baggage to The world of Frank Vercauteren, when Anderlecht will be in the five questions are: fewer workers, more experience, and no Kompany facility news. “Ghent, it is more difficult than Anderlecht), Thorup points out, statements about the Club, in Bruges, Frank Vercauteren is getting ready for his first match with Anderlecht: “I didn’t see any questioning team”