of Wouter Torfs, has several times been voted the best employer in Belgium, provides its nearly 700 employees, is now also a foert-dagske’. An additional day’s leave for which they do not have to come out and look at himself in spirit.

It doesn’t sound to be compatible, the employer of its staff, the choice in order to have a good foert have to say. However, this is the plan of Wouter Torfs, CEO of Schoenen Torfs. “In a world with an increasing number of ‘shoulds’, it does have the virtue, at once foert have to say it,” he said, in The Latest News. “In the coming year, may each and every staff member that one time to do it. That’s what We call a foertdagske means a day on which a person is not going to work, but for me, time to take it.”

you can’t think of the artist integrated early in the morning in your bed does not have to decide: it doesn’t work, I’m going to stay home. You need to be in advance, to indicate when you are foertdag increases, so that the store doesn’t have to suddenly close the need to continue to be.