is An uninvited guest to a wedding, ‘crash’, it has to be the nightmare of all the trouwers it. But for a British couple it was the last weekend the reality is, as soon as they have their consent had been given. All of the forty guests looked on open-mouthed as drag queen, Regina Sparkles in the banquet hall though, and It should’ve been me”, I’d have to be, ed.) it began to be lip-synching. Then, when they groom, Rob, and her bouquet is hit, the message was clear: he had to marry her. But then we had the biggest surprise was yet to come.

now, The strange event was completely staged by his new wife, Lindsey (age 38). “Rob’s picks are always a lot of jokes,” said the woman in the British media. “So it was his turn to look at it is it has to be taken into account.”

finally, drag queen, Regina Sparkles on her the first time and had a ‘marriage ‘ interfered’ with a live performance. And that’s what inspired Lindsey to the artist to contact her to hire for her wedding.

“My cousin and I were the only ones in the know”, sounds like it’s still there. “Surprised, therefore, when Regina suddenly appeared. However, the guests had to have their dose of entertainment.” And Then? The new groom was good to laugh, and want to, most likely, to ‘get revenge’.

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