Analysis Trumps military threat – That sounds dangerous to citizens kriegmit his threat to bring the military against protesters in position, brings war, Donald Trump, the Nation possibly on the brink of civil. He stands with his back to the wall.Thorsten Denkler11 Kommentare11Sicherheitspersonal, military and Bodyguards: U.S. President Donald Trump stirring up the politics in Washington and the unsettled large parts of the American population. KEYSTONE/SHAWN THEW

feel weeks ago was a diffuse concern is that it is still popping could in the United States. The Corona pandemic, spread from day to day stronger, especially poor people, are affected and Old, African Americans and Hispanics. Among them there are most of the Corona-dead, most of the infections. And you get it, first and foremost, struggling with unemployment and social descent. More than 40 million US-Americans have made since the beginning of the pandemic, initial applications for unemployment benefits. The Virus consists of social peace in the country, the largest stress test of its recent history.

The effects of these tectonic shifts were much before the age of 25. To feel may. That day, a police officer in Minneapolis was pressed to the ground, 46-year-old African-American George Floyd his knee on the neck. Eight minutes, and 46 seconds. Until the day he died.

It is the largest mass protests, which has seen the country for a Long time followed. Hundreds of thousands go in days peacefully on the road. But there’s also looting, arson, massive violence against the demonstrators and massive violence against police officers. It is spoken of civil war-like conditions. And anyone who sees the images on television or in social media from Washington, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, and 140 other cities that will agree to that.

If the governors did not get the position in the handle, threatens U.S. President Donald Trump now, he’ll use the military. More. He says that he has mobilized all available civilian “and military resources” to end the violence. “Heavily armed soldiers” were already on the way to Washington, D. C., to bring the situation under control. The civil war doesn’t sound similar. That sounds dangerous to the civil war.

After he left a demonstration to disperse, threatened Donald Trump with the military.Video: Tamedia

It would be the first Time a US President uses the military to stop violence. Finally, the 1992 is done, after four police officers were acquitted who had beaten African-American Rodney King in a Routine traffic control of the brutal. After three days of street fighting, President George Bush deployed 3500 soldiers to Los Angeles. A similar use of the US military, it had given previously, in 1968, after the assassination of Martin Luther King on the orders of President Lyndon B. Johnson.

Be the highest to be protected, he is a self –

but Now Donald Trump is sitting in the White house. An erratic Ichling, a narcissist, the the own the Supreme is always to be protected. Everything to him is capable of anything. Also, his threat is how much of what he gives of himself, it is not only a hot. But also, that to be in command of the aircraft carrier USS Abraham Lincoln battle sets ready prior to Los Angeles the anchor.

The President in this crisis, with your back to the wall. The pandemic has destroyed Trumps big winning theme, the well-running economy. His poll numbers go back. As good as anywhere to be likely democratic Challenger Joe is Biden in front of him. With some ten percentage points ahead.

the Corona pandemic has hit the United States so unprepared, goes largely to Trumps account. The economic consequences are so far-reaching that his promise, in the coming year will recover everything again, like a miracle, you need to act on hard-boiled Republicans like wild musings. This Phase of the agitation, the mass protests against excessive police violence against African-Americans, he sees, apparently, as a Chance to sell themselves to the people as a “Law and Order”President. No matter what the cost it.

Trump is now on duty. The responsibility for the pandemic, he has passed more or less successfully to the governors. But now he promises to end the violence in case of doubt, with the help of the military. It is a promise that the President of the United States is too expensive. To break it, he can’t afford to buy. Trump is now officially a threat to national security.

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