Analysis to the Federal court – the Highest Swiss judge is under BeobachtungDie business audit Commission of the Federal Parliament seeking the power struggle with the Federal court’s President, Ulrich Meyer. To The Right. Opinion Philippe Reichen0 comment Ulrich Meyer rejects any control by the Federal Supreme court by the Parliament – makes kicks but at the same time to fail.Photo: Laurent Gillieron (Keystone)

With the contradiction of the Supreme judges of the country can live normally, well. As Federal court President Ulrich Meyer already has the last word. But, if the business review Commission (GPK) of the United Federal Assembly is communicating with him. The GPK was in conversation with the Federal court, President of first as a supplicant. However, today it is about Meyer dissatisfied, and seems to be losing patience with him.

It goes to the processing of issues at the Federal criminal court. Employees in Bellinzona had about bullying and sexism incidents complained of. Meyer and his direction of the administrative Commission, under the allegations investigated in a report. The GPK accuses Meyer and its administrative Commission, as the Supervisory authority issues on the Federal criminal court in Bellinzona shuffled first, and to have then of serious dereliction of duty done. In the report, accusations against individuals were formulated partly hard. Concerned had been refused at the end of the legal hearing. Individual bullying allegations remained, meanwhile, is uninvestigated. At the end of Meyer’s Commission of the GCC delivered their report in accordance with the time limit laid down – intentionally, it seems. And the report was already public, as the GPK could discuss it. Finally, the GPK in the analysis came to fundamentally different conclusions, as the Federal judge had come.

judiciary in the stress test

Of GCC don’t like it all. A few days ago, you geigte Ulrich Meyer, in a Letter opinion. The GPK of the administrative Commission publicly threatened, in Lausanne, is show up and look to the Right. She was also entitled to the Federal court pursuant to its statutory mandate still instructions, the instruction from Bern. The Legislative branch consists of the relationship with the judiciary is quite aware of a stress test. A power struggle is in progress.

Ulrich Meyer would hardly like it. He is an iron supporter of the separation of powers. He has made in September, 2019 in the case of the Swiss lawyers conference held unit is again clear. He said: “The Federal court turns, for reasons of separation of powers in the political opinion-forming process of the Parliament, the people and the cantons. In return, we expect from the representatives of the two other state respecting the Constitution, powers moderately guaranteed independence of the Federal court.” The GPK impressed the little. The leadership of the Supreme Swiss court is under observation.

knowledge transfer in Cambodia

If the Supreme Swiss judge shows in his leadership of the domestic judicial weaknesses, advised of his activities as a Whole in focus. It is striking how much of Ulrich Meyer maintains since his election to the Federal Supreme court President in the year 2017, its international network and expanding. He traveled half the world. Paris, Beijing, Prague, Montreal, Rabat, and Cambodia were some of the destinations in which he represented the Swiss Jurisdiction in the last three years.

in view of the travel at the expense of the tax payer, it seems embarrassing, when, of all things Meyer in the press release on the report on the Federal criminal court sentences such as these, writes: “The Post “totally different charges of” fraud in the Federal criminal court 2019 23’200 Swiss francs, is considered to be moderate. However, the Federal government invited the court to stop the payment of expenses for the participation of court members in political events and political groups, and for courses to prepare for retirement.”

Meyer undertook journeys to raise the questions. In may 2019, he resigned in the canadian city of Montreal to a multi-day conference as President of the Association frankofoner constitutional courts. The Board, he remained, in spite of the withdrawal. At the end of October 2019, Meyer flew in support of the Federal judge Niquille and Donzallaz for a two-day office meeting, to Cambodia. “This is for the purpose of the position of knowledge transfer in an international Association”, establishes the Federal court of the journey. The question is: Would not be transferred to the Knowledge of the same in Montreal?

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