Analysis of the Brexit negotiations – Boris Johnson is right back to the AlteDer British head of government shows more interest in a hard Brexit as consideration for the dire situation in their own country. Today, he is negotiating with the EU.Peter Nonnenmacher from London1 Kommentar1Er chooses a high-risk strategy: The British Prime Minister Boris Johnson in London. Photo: Keystone

the Corona-crisis on the UK broke, it was believed by many Brits, that Boris Johnson’s government would give up its hard line in the negotiations with the EU about new trade relations. You would let more time for discussions, the hope. After all, the disease control took all the world in the claim. And who want to create additional problems, especially in a state that now holds the sad record of having the Corona-Sacrifice in Europe?

but for those Who had expected such a course correction, was wrong. It is now clear that London would like to apply for an extension of the Brexit-the transition phase. This transition phase will run until the end of the year. In the United Kingdom de facto adheres to the rules of the internal market and the customs Union of the EU, which is why there are no problems with goods flows.

Two extra years Johnson would have been able to buy now, in June, to get his country this Status smooth trade through the end of the year. Self-convinced Brexit advocates welcomed this. Recent polls show that two-thirds of people in the UK, where the consequences of a possible failure of the negotiations are aware of the pleading in the meantime, for this time delay. 95 percent of the insistence of the government in the fight against the Corona-pandemic anyway to close cooperation with Europe.

The Cabinet pressure

Instead, the British government made it clear prior to the virtual summit of the Prime Minister and his Brexit-operation heads of Michael Gove with the three Top representatives of the EU, that it is opposed to the extension of the transition period. Still fixed on the internal political struggles of the last four years, believes Boris Johnson to his Brexiteers no “solution” to sell, in London to hold a further two years to the EU rules and the EU Fund Deposit would.

Before the elections last December, he had praised, finally, that he will bring the Brexit immediately “on stage”, so the UK could finally be “a sovereign Nation”. And the Brexit-hardliners, with whom he has in the Cabinet surrounded, want to see this promise fulfilled. Also the price that the negotiations in the remaining few months of failure yet – and it was in the middle of the most severe economic crisis experienced by their country since 300 years ago.

Johnson takes a “No Deal”-Brexit in buying

In fact, the strict refusal of London in terms of delay is interpreted widely as a Signal that Johnson once again takes a contract – free finish – a “No Deal” – in buying and possibly a straight out heading. Here, there is no lack of warnings prior to such a radical disconnection in the current Situation.

The British industrial Association has stated that the business of the country would be due to the Coronavirus “no power” any more, even with a chaotic exit from the EU ready. And the IMF has predicted that in the case of a “No Deal”-Leaving the British in addition to the expected colossal Corona-the economic collapse a “permanent” reduction in the economic power to 5 percent of the threat.

The government is preparing for the cliff in front of

It is remarkable, as undeterred, Boris Johnson is defiant to a now antiquated-seeming Position of the national gangs holds. For possible observers, in London, that the Prime Minister believes his “dear friends” on the continent by a no-compromise line to the turn – in and a for London advantage trade deal with the significant privileges are liable to move, but without any major obligations – to achieve.

a last Minute deal is not Excluded, of course. Johnson himself is a Yes for hook blows known. But all the signs point rather to the fact that his government is prepared for the cliff. That you have a clear ideological line in the sense of the Tory Right is more important than a pragmatic response to the dire situation in their own country.

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