What brings about a speed limit? We asked our readers on Wednesday – and you with two articles, the different opinions represented as a decision aid to be delivered.

A colleague argued that speed limits would bring nothing. The contribution to climate protection is minimal, the number of fatal accidents on motorways is lower than on the highways and Federal roads. Another colleague saw it differently and said that it had its reason why almost all other countries in the world have a speed limit. Many study have also shown that the climate benefit, and fewer people would die.

the result of the survey among our readers is of course not representative, because not all Germans had the same Chance to participate in this survey. Finally, the FAZ.NET-reader, neither is an average of the population, nor can we control who participates in the survey. Our readers use a different Browser, they could theoretically vote multiple times. Nevertheless, the result is in a good mood.

FAZ.NET reader against the speed limit

in Total, were delivered by early evening, more than 14,000 votes. A little more than half – about 53 percent – are against a speed limit. Most of them are also very opposed in principle. You have chosen on our Radar the extreme position.

Similarly, on the opposite side. 41% of readers are in favour of a speed limit – and choose the strongest possible Position. Only 6 percent of the readers are undecided.

there Would be a Referendum on the speed limit, the result would be under the FAZ.NET readers feel the same way, just like the Brexit – and the positions similar to be incompatible.

a majority of the German for speed limit

the average of The German, by the way is different. In a representative survey of life insurance, Cosmos Direct, carried out by Forsa in January 2018, were 52 per cent for a General speed limit of 130 kilometers per hour.

there was big differences between the groups in the population: Only 46 percent of the men, but 56 percent of women were in favour of it. In addition, young people rejected a speed limit more, while older Respondents were.

In the age group of 18 to 29 years, only 32 percent supported according to the survey, a speed limit. In contrast, two-thirds of Germans over 60 years. Whether people with age, in favour of a speed limit or whether the is a difference between the generations, it is not clear from the survey, however.