An operator clears the last work of Banksy on the London underground thinking that it was a vulgar graffiti


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Banksy claimed yesterday his last work that was done a few days in a wagon in the metro of London in a video posted on Instagram. In the images , you see the elusive street artist, who still is not known your true identity , dressed in a protective suit white to make drawings of their features rats in several areas.

Under the title “If you put the mask, do not climb” , the target of the action of Banksy was no other than to raise awareness about its use, because the mask is mandatory in public transport in the british capital since the 15th of June, in order to stop the spread of the coronavirus.

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. . If you don’t mask – you don’t get.

A publication shared Banksy (@banksy) the

But little has lasted to the artist’s work. According to the Daily Mail, has been removed by an employee cleaning of the metro, who thought that it was a graffiti common and current. It is estimated that the piece Banksy could exceed eighty million euros.

At first, Transport for London , the body responsible for most aspects of the transport system of the city, asserted that it had been removed a few days ago due to your strict policy “antigrafiti” .

Transport for London even invited Banksy to recreate the message in another place. A spokesman claimed in the above-mentioned media: “we Appreciate the sentiment of encouraging people to wear masks, which is doing the vast majority of the clients in our network. We’d like to offer Banksy the opportunity to make a new version of your message to our customers in a proper location “.

Joey Syer, co-founder of he said that could have been one of the most valuable pieces of Banksy due to its large size , and to the exceptional nature of the time in which it has been created in full pandemic coronavirus . “It is very likely that the person who removed it was following the protocol and had no idea that I was destroying a Banksy -continues to this specialist in the above-mentioned means-. We estimate that its value could have reached 82 million euros.”

Very active during the pandemic

During his / her action, to the which also of and spray white uses a green liquid that comes out of a backpack sprayer that leads to the back, Banksy is cross-referenced with a passenger that prompts you to remove a few meters , while this presence stunned the scene.

The enigmatic street artist has made various jobs during the pandemic , such as the drawing of a child playing with a nurse as her superheroine in the british hospital of Southampton and an installation that took place in the bathroom of his own home , who had been assaulted by rats, and with numerous references to the health crisis.

In his hometown of Bristol, a old wall yours, emulating “girl with the pearl” , of Veermer, has appeared with a mask , very similar to the one that carried the health that fighting the coronavirus in the Uk.