An 89-year-old woman Sunday afternoon in the Dutch Dussen (Noord-Brabant) out of her car and saved the day. This happened in less than 18 hours after the car is in a ditch along the road again.

in The car, half in the water and on the road to see it, it was Sunday afternoon around 12: 00 midday hours was observed by a staff member of the Dutch and reliable traffic management at ANWB, which is the police one.

When the cops arrived on the scene, they saw that there was another person in the vehicle was. It was going to be an 89-year-old woman. She’s got to be around 18: 00 on Saturday, on the road, and ended up in a ditch, according to the woman’s later on. The old lady had the strength not to get out of the car to get to the hotel, and was forced to wait until someone found her. So that’s what happened 18 hours later.

The woman was held accountable and was only slightly wounded. To be sure, she was taken to the hospital, but she is doing well, police said. How the accident happened, will be examined. The driver’s license of the woman has been temporarily withdrawn, pending the investigation of her skills.