New Tiktok boss – An earthquake in the BrancheEr was boss, now he is: The senior Manager, Kevin Mayer leaves Disney and becomes chief of the Chinese Social-Media company, TikTok. A sensational page exchange.Jürgen Schmieder1 Kommentar1Bei Disney’s Kevin Mayer was one of the very Large – all the more surprising is the change to the TikTok operator byte dance.Image: Brendan McDermid, Reuters

What TikTok is? The follow-up answer: a social network with the people Videos with funny dances set; easy to use and yet complicated enough that young people distinguish from adults. Another interpretation, presented by the U.S. Congress: an espionage tool for the Chinese government, which has won in the pandemic, immense popularity and importance. Nearly two billion Times TikTok is world-wide have downloaded 307 million this year, according to Analytics firm Sensor Tower more than any other App.

This is important to know in order to understand the earthquake in the entertainment industry: The high-level Disney managers Kevin Mayer will leave the group, he is chief of the TikTok and at the same time the parent group byte dance the operational side of the business forward. Located in the Cayman Islands and, therefore, officially not a Chinese company. The plays also a role, such as the fact that Mayer will begin his new position in June in Los Angeles and in the United States.

“I was happy at Disney,” said Mayer on Monday for the “New York Times”. He was hired after graduating from the Harvard Business School in 1993, where and an impressive career: He was responsible for the acquisitions of Pixar, Lucasfilm, and 21st Century Fox, as well as the successful launch of the streaming portal Disney+ with 55 million subscribers in the first six months.

I couldn’t miss an opportunity of this magnitude

New TikTok-chief Kevin Mayer

Mayer, 58, had been considered the most promising candidate to succeed Disney CEO Bob Iger, as the announced end of February its immediate withdrawal from the day to day business, he gave surprisingly to Bob Chapek. The had is responsible for prior to this, the largest group division (theme parks and consumer goods), however, in comparison to Mayer as a rather pale force. This led to the question: How Mayer would react to the Non-promotion? Now there is the answer.

“I couldn’t miss an opportunity of this magnitude,” he said of the exchange. Indeed, TikTok and bytes dance are considered as enigmatic, as mysterious and powerful company: founder Zhang Yiming, 37, is one of the most influential people in China, he also owns the Chinese TikTok Version Douyin, the photo App FaceU and the social network Helo. Byte dance is rated 78 billion dollars, and is regarded as the most valuable Startup in the world.

The majority of the content on the byte dance platforms comes from the customer, the promise of their creativity wealth and prominence, or at least popularity with friends. Mayer comes from a group whose unique features produced to a high quality content (in the past year about “Avengers: Endgame”, “Toy Story 4”, “Lion King”) and their savvy marketing on amusement parks, toys, or clothes. It is speculated about whether Mayer track at byte dance a similar strategy and to Create their own content forward.

to hear, I am glad of it. Under Oath.

Senator and Tiktok opponent Josh Harley

Mayer is the face of the company, not only for the nearly two billion TikTok-users, but also for the U.S. Congress. TikTok has been downloaded in the United States, more than 172 million Times, members of both parties had arranged in the autumn, a study of data collecting and possible censorship by the Chinese government. Several authorities, including almost all branches of the military, have banned their employees to use the App.

so Far, byte-dance of a survey eluded, by it sent no Manager from China (or from the Cayman Islands) to Washington – this is likely to be a boss, who works in Los Angeles, it is hardly possible. Senator Josh Harley, one of the sharpest TikTok critics, wrote on Twitter: “I am delighted to hear from him. Under Oath.” Mayer will have to answer primarily: What, exactly, TikTok is?

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