Chef’s Pencil used Tripadvisor evaluations from barbecue joints at the 75 largest US cities

Since the weather gets warmer and days get longer, that can only mean 1 thing: it is barbecue period .

Even though there are an infinite number of barbecue restaurants throughout the nation, online meals magazine Chef’s Pencil lately discovered that the cities where barbecue fans should concentrate their attention.

Using information from Tripadvisor, Chef’s Pencil examined all of the barbecue joints at the 75 largest cities from the U.S. to discover the very best and worst cities . The magazine rated each city according to their forehead joints’ typical Tripadvisor score, but did not include cities with less than 10 barbecue restaurants inside their city limits.

In accordance with Chef’s Pencil’s investigation, New Orleans is the ideal town for barbecue. In reality, all of the town’s barbecue restaurants obtained a Tripadvisor score of 4 or greater.

The remainder of the top 10 cities comprised Columbus, Ohio in sixth position, Seattle at seventh, St. Louis in eighth and Newark, New Jersey and Miami tied for ninth.

The worst town for barbecue was Anchorage, Alaska, based on Chef’s Pencil. Plano, Texas, took second position, followed, in descending sequence by Boston, San Antonio and Aurora, Colorado.

The rest 10 worst cities such as barbecue were: Jacksonville, Florida, at sixth position, Houston at seventh, Philadelphia in eighth, Omaha, Nebraska in ninth and Fort Worth, Texas, at tenth, according to the report.

Besides standing the very best and worst cities such as barbecue, Chef’s Pencil additionally discovered which cities had the maximum variety of barbecue joints per capita and which cities had the maximum variety of barbecue restaurants using a 4.5 score or greater.

According to the report, Orlando, Florida, has the maximum variety of barbecue restaurants per capita, with just one restaurant for each 5,325 inhabitants.

Meanwhile, the towns with the maximum number of noodle restaurants were, so: Chicago; Los Angeles; Austin, Texas; Nashville, Tennessee; and Houston — together with Nashville and Houston tied for fourth.