America President Donald Trump has won with his proposed ban on Transgender recruits in the military of his country, a stage victory before the Supreme court. The Supreme Court continued the ban with a arrangement on Tuesday in two cases, first of all, back in force in these two appeals in courts of appeal is to be decided. The lower courts had stopped the Trump prohibition in these two procedures for the time being. The prominent civil rights organization ACLU argued, however, that Trumps the prohibition, nevertheless, the country is widely exposed to.

The ACLU argued that the Supreme Court did not deal with a third procedure in which a court had suspended in the state of Maryland, the ban country-wide. From the point of view of the ACLU this judgment, to the judgment of an appellate court. The civil rights organization criticized the decision of the Supreme Court in the two other processes as “deeply disturbing”.

Trump had announced the ban as early as 2017. Last March, a formal scheme out of the White house followed. Therefore, to be largely Transgender excluded from military service because of a gender identity disorder is a “comprehensive medical treatment”. As Transgender people are not – or not only – with gender are referred to, the identify that was noted at birth.