The Koh-Lanta adventure always has good and bad surprises for candidates. As in the last episode broadcast this Tuesday, June 7 on TF1, the last six adventurers clashed around the last tests of comfort and immunity hosted by Denis Brogniart. The goal: to avoid elimination at the gates of orienteering in the next episode.

And, apparently, the evening did not smile much on Ambre, the rider from Hérault and ex-member of the green (then red) tribe. Unhappy finalist against François in the comfort game, the latter chooses the dean Géraldine to enjoy a five-star reward together (in a luxurious villa with comfort, hygiene and food galore to regain strength). While the young woman returns to the camp with her teammates Bastien, Jean-Charles and Olga.

This was without taking into account the misadventure experienced by Amber during her sleep, as the images showed. In the middle of the night, the sports training manager wakes up with a disfigured face: the candidate’s lower lip has doubled in size, probably due to an insect bite. “I woke up with a start. I felt my lip very hot and my heart beating,” she confided to her fellow adventurers when she discovered the damage.

While her mouth seems to have noticeably shrunk in the early morning, Ambre has not lost her sense of humor. “I thought about doing cosmetic surgery, but my three classmates told me it didn’t suit me,” she admits to their hilarious reactions. And, to add nonetheless. “In terms of biting beasts, there are a lot of them. You’re never really safe.”

A funny situation that did not fail to make fans react on social networks. Between shock, disgust and humor, Internet users did not hesitate to joke about this incident by comparing it to certain reality TV candidates who are followers of cosmetic surgery. In order to relax your zygomatics, here is an anthology of the best pearls unearthed on the web in pictures.