the Cartographer, and TomTom are going to do tests with a self-propelled vehicle. The company wants its technology to try and improve it. The testauto, which in just two years, has been designed and built, was on Thursday unveiled in the run-up to the car show IAA in Frankfurt. TomTom has made it is not known when and where the tests are to be carried out.

The car, and eight laser scanners (lidar), a six-speed cameras, mounted photos, and a gps system. A measure of what the car is and what the surrounding area looks like. The information is continuously compared with the high-definitionkaarten of the Device. Thus, to calculate the car and how he got to the destination drive. “We can put our mapping technology to assist in a continuous testing on the road, and, in addition, to understand how the different circumstances of performance,” according to TomTom.

TomTom has also announced that the number of partially self-propelled vehicles with the TomTom maps, it is up to more than a million people.
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