Genk – tradition has it that the recruits have a cv to give to employers, in which all of the skills and experience of the paint is to be put. Due to the tightness of the labor market the roles are however reversed, and the employers would have to give their best to the candidates. “In order to have a strong profile, they can have a well thought-out business drawing up a cv in which all the features have been listed that will a candidate be able to convince the” find Peter’s Vleeschouwers and Jo Frantzen, of VMC-Select.

CENTRE-Select from Genk, and has many years of experience in the recruitment and selection of candidates. In a novel way and match them to make the right applicants for the job. According to the traditional process in our industry, the power of a large number of candidates, a cover letter and a resume in order to make themselves known as an interested,” says Peter Vleeschouwers. “Employers are fishing out the best out of the water. Today, however, the situation is completely different. It takes more and more effort to get to the many open positions to be filled, and the few candidates to have their future employer will have to pick and choose. It is, therefore, very important to the companies themselves, with all their advantages. Through an honest and realistic picture of who they are, what they stand for and what they want to, they’re able to job applicants with cotton. In front of their house, it is a great extent.”

CENTRE-Select a service, set up companies, assists in the development of a business curriculum. “There’s going to be an in-depth analysis of pre, in which all of the strategic, tactical and operational components to be analysed, ‘ explains Jo Frantzen off. “It will come to the top of the company’s vision, mission, customer base, and unique verkoopsargumenten, and so on. We are very much of interest to them, it is the cultuurmeting. The existing staff, and applicants for employment are very sensitive to a realistic assessment of the current culture of your organisation. To do this, DNA mapping, we have developed a separate methodology will be developed.”