Also, effects of Corona – Almost twice as many cases of tick disease nThe scourge of Ticks has expanded in Switzerland. The Federal office of public health calls for several reasons.0 comment small, but not harmless: An adult female tick on a towel in Spiez. KEYSTONE/GAETAN BALLY/archives)

this year have been reported to the Federal office for health (BAG), 51 cases of tick-borne encephalitis – almost twice as many as last year. The reason for the increase in the warm spring and the walks in the woods during the Corona-lock downs are good.

Alone in the last four weeks, the BAG have registered diseases 34 new cases of tick-borne encephalitis-is it in the BAG-the Bulletin by Tuesday. A year ago, it had been in the same period, up from 17 two years ago – a tick-a record year – 25.

Mark Witschi, head of the section recommendations at the BAG, confirmed that the number of reported cases is high in comparison to the other years. He explains the increase in the Interaction between the weather conditions and the behaviour of the people.

the warm Winter and spring months, ideal for the ticks of propagation have been had. At the same time more people had the Lockdown in the Free delayed than in other years.

More tick bites

The tick-borne encephalitis (TBE) is caused by a Virus and can take a severe course. The ticks are only affected in certain areas by this Virus. Against the TBE, there is a vaccination. The BAG recommends such for all adults and children aged six years who live in endemic areas or who spend time there.

Against the other tick-borne disease, Lyme’s disease, there is no vaccination. It is caused by bacteria and can be treated with antibiotics. Frequently the infection passes unnoticed.

According to the Sentinella reporting system of the FOPH were reported until the end of April, extrapolated 5200 visits to the doctor due to tick bites. In previous years, there were only around 2000. The number of Lyme disease remained, however, on the level of the previous year in 1300 cases.

According to Witschi, is it possible that the Figures were distorted by the Corona time. However, it could also be that the tick season had arrived because of the warm spring used to be.


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