Bruges (brugge) –

The city criminal court judge, has Her W (49) was sentenced to six months in the effective term of imprisonment and a € 800 fine for a rip-off. The famous tafelschuimster is a series of judgments by default, is already a long sentence.

The so-called fear of the kusthoreca put in the last few years, and a spectacularly long finish. Nadine W. was going to be more than 120 times in the restaurant, but it turned out to be the account, will never be able to pay for it. The tafelschuimster have ordered is usually pretty simple fare, such as croque-monsieur, a ‘dame blanche’, or cheese croquettes. Often, she drank this brandy, coffee, tea, or soft drinks.

In a few months ‘ time, that W’s belief is set by default to on. In total, she’s been to more than a hundred months of the effective term of imprisonment. On the 18th of July, she was locked up in a prison, then a large part of her punishment was finally. Since then, they have to be assisted by a lawyer.

Two bread buns, two coffees and a coke

On the 18th of June, nuttigde Her W, and two bread buns, two coffees and a coke in a coffee shop in Bruges, belgium. The owner also had a reputation as not only a client, be it on the newspaper on the tafelschuimster. They are found in the bill of 13,40 euros is indeed not to be able to pay for it. The public prosecutor’s office has progressed at the meeting of the 4th of september, no specific punishment.

The defense hammered, especially in the severe mental illness of the defendant. According to the master, Peter Gonnissen, it was therefore necessary, in order to W, a gerechtspsychiater to be tested. A detention is, in principle, but believed it would be up to the discharge lead.

“Rabiaat sustained contempt for the society”

The court made the ruling on the statements, which is Her W, when the hearing was. The tafelschuimter began to complain that they are not a living wage and more was open to the public. The opinion of the court was, therefore, very consciously, in the knowledge that they are not able to pay for it. “This is not a psychological issue on the merits, but, rather, a rabiaat sustained contempt for the society”, they said in the reasons for doing so.

in Its defense, it has been announced that there will be an appeal, it will come at the final judgment. The Ghent criminal court have decided, in the meantime, after all, a gerechtspsychiater to be set up. In anticipation of the findings, the past few weeks, a series of files from W to be deferred.