There are still women that say that they have been abused by the doctor, Bo It. Indicating that the VTM the News on Friday and confirmed by a source close to the matter.

Antwerp is, the 80-year-old doctor from Bo, It is open for abuse, and rape of a minor female patient. Ever since the news of the lawsuit came five of the other women went to the front, only a few of them were also in action. Since the hearing on the 18th of september, there were still women are added to it.

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The defense of It, is not aware of the new allegations that have been made. “However, we will not hesitate to take action against the defamatory declarations that are loose are to be presented”, says the lawyer, Kris Luyckx know about it.

in The case, where is It to be prosecuted, it is going to be about the facts, which date back to the year 2006. A woman who was 15 years old, said the doctor during a consultation with a vibrating machine to orgasm, and in her touch, and a kiss was. The public prosecutor asked for the acquittal because there was not enough evidence it would have been.

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