The Saslong in Val Gardena, have been considered to be some of the Surprise for the German ski Federation the Council of Europe. The victory of Max Rauffer 2004, for example. Or in the last year of Josef Ferstl in the Super-G. Quite so successful, the women were not now at the time of their Premiere in the South Tyrolean world Cup place on Tuesday, but the result can be seen – and, although Viktoria rebensburg, until last season, the only German world-class athlete in the downhill, the race is abandoned, in order to focus on the Super-G this Wednesday.

abschwang As Michaela Little, as the second German start inside, “I can’t believe it,” what you saw there. The “Five” that lit up – and the Best were already in the target, also Kira Weidle, confirmed with eighth place their good Form in the winter and after three runs Sixth in the discipline world Cup. “You have to look at where we come from. We were nowhere,“ said head coach Jürgen Graller.

for Years, the German ski Federation has tried in vain, a downhill team for the women build. Since the Golden Era with Katja Seizinger and later, Hilde Gerg, it was almost the only soloist. First of all, Maria Höfl-Riesch, who was at least accompanied a couple of year in Petra Haltmayr of another Top Ten runner, and, most recently, Viktoria rebensburg. “Some things simply need to develop,” said Michaela Little. This is especially true. The lenggrie serine was 2012 her world Cup debut, three years later, she managed for the first Time among the top 30, but then it stagnated. Her best result until Tuesday the 17. Place last Winter in Lake Louise.

In Training from time to time shone

Michaela was a Little encouraged, though, because it is a long as there are no Alternatives for the DSV, on the other, with their cheerful, uncomplicated kind of good for the mood in a small Team. “Maybe now it pays off that we have so long held on to a runner,” said Alpine Manager Wolfgang Maier.

In Training-Michaela Little, but in the race the performance does not repeat can be had shone. As it was also in Val Gardena, in the exercise rides very well, and she concentrated on it, to avoid the old mistakes. “I thought to myself, this is a new Chance,” she said, in the Bavarian television and stated: “It is worth just that one fight.” After the men race on the weekend defused track was to the liking of the mechanical specialist from upper Bavaria, which in the end was only 0.89 seconds slower than the winner, Ilka Stuhec from Slovenia. That she now at the age of 26, finally, the hoped-for step forward and also for sure may be to go to the world Cup in Are, if she stays healthy, she finds “cool”.

Kira Weidle is four years younger, but much more than the teammate. In Val Gardena you wrestled with the number four. “It is striking that the first numbers have down here is always a slight disadvantage, since it is still in the shade,” she said. “But I think I made the Best of it.” The claims in accordance with the good start to the season to rise up, even in your self. Unlike Michaela, Little, star girl, the routes developed will always be slow. “I’m first a piano”, because it bring nothing to the plate “and landing in the fence”.