Allessa in Fechenheim: reason for accident in the chemical plant found


    A faulty measurement in a pipeline, the sulphur has caused a device containing a smoke cloud of acid in a chemical plant in the Frankfurt district of Fechenheim. This a spokeswoman for the Allessa GmbH said. The faulty meter has led on Monday to a leak and the outlet of the substance Oleum.

    The use of forces managed, after about three hours, the leakage seal. The defective device is replaced, as the company spokeswoman said. Around 80 people, the plant fire brigade and the Frankfurt professional fire brigade had to be deployed to the cloud with water to knock down.

    Outside of the plant were found to be not hazardous to health. The sulfuric acid containing the substance is irritating to the respiratory tract. The residents in Fechenheim had been asked to keep doors and Windows closed.