A silent Kevin Spacey before the court: The deep fallen Hollywood star has been read in the American state of Massachusetts, his indictment for a sexual Assault. The actor seized during the less than ten-minute court date on Monday on the island of Nantucket the word. Through his lawyer, 59, pleaded-Year-old, however, in writing a verdict of not guilty.

A court employee made the accusation that Spacey on 18. July 2016 have committed in Nantucket, an “indecent” Assault and battery. It’s about an incident in a Restaurant in the swanky resort island, where the movie star made a then-18-year-old waiter drunk and the Penis taken. Spacey is up to five years in prison.

judge Thomas Barrett ordered that Spacey could take no direct or indirect contact with his alleged victim, and imposed, but otherwise there are no conditions imposed against the actor. Spacey wore to the event in a gray suit and a dotted tie, and seemed to be in focus. Since the end of 2017, the first allegations of sexual Assault against him were come, he largely disappeared from Public view.

investigations against Spacey in Los Angeles and London

The next hearing continued to Barrett for the 4. March. Then Spacey does not need to appear personally, but only over the phone. The two-time Oscar winner would have been spared also his court appearance this Monday. However, his request to have his lawyers represented, had been dismissed by the judge.

In the case of the appointment on Monday, the judge has granted a request by Spacey lawyers, the Smartphone data of the alleged victim from the time of the incident until six months later, store. The Spacey-lawyers expressed the view that the information “likely to be exculpatory” information about your clients included.