in The case of Kevin Spacey seemed to have just calmed down. The state’s attorney in Los Angeles had announced a few months ago, after harassment allegations by an actor in a charge against the two-time Oscar winner. Robin Wright, up to a Spacey out of this litter out of the political series “House of Cards” Co-Star, prepared a careful image campaign. “Everyone deserves a second Chance,” urged the Golden Globe winner. Spacey was, meanwhile, in the house of his Manager, Evan Lowenstein, in Baltimore hidden.

In the past few days, it went very quickly. According to the criminal complaint of a student of the “Boston Globe” reported of a secret Meeting between Spacey defence and the judicial authorities in Massachusetts. William Littles accusations, Spacey’s lawyers, showed inconsistencies. The son of the television journalist Heather Unruh had given to a chance meeting in a Restaurant on the noble island of Nantucket in the summer of 2016 of Spacey been sexually harassed. The actor is said to have with the then 18-year-old waiter drunk, before he pushed his Hand into the pants. As a police wrote official later in the Protocol, filmed the alleged victims of the three-minute-long Assault with the Smartphone.

At the Meeting of the defence and the Prosecutor’s office on 20. December is supposed to be left of the alleged video evidence of the little that remains. “The recording shows, like a Hand in a shirt is touching. What’s up?“, Spacey attorney Alan Jackson asked in a recording of the hearing, before the “Boston Globe”. “Yes, you see no body parts,” confirmed the police officer Gerald Donovan. “Three minutes by the Hand of a Stranger in the pants is a long time,” said Spacey defender, almost ironic.

He seemed almost unconcerned

In his first appearance before the court, Jackson had a prominent client accordingly. As Spacey took on Monday in a dark suit and a floral shirt in the hall of the Nantucket Town Hall square, he seemed almost unconcerned. Prior to the date on which the actor had agreed to the charge, for an indecent attack on a Little innocent. After nearly ten minutes of Spacey was allowed to leave the court room, with a private jet from island to Baltimore return. The Chairman, judge Thomas Barrett had instructed him earlier to stay away from the alleged victim and his family. In addition, the court ruled, the data on the Smartphone of the students from the night of the 8. To save July of 2016. The defense had requested a safety copy, in order to safeguard the “exculpatory Material”. In the case of a condemnation award winners threaten the Oscar-for up to five years in prison.