The car’s Manager Carlos Ghosn has been indicted on Friday in Tokyo, because of two other suspected Financial crimes. The Prosecutor’s office in Tokyo, accusing him of a serious breach of trust while he worked for Nissan Motor and a violation of disclosure obligations. Ghosn is said to have given afterwards, in the financial years 2015 to 2017, parts of his income in the financial reports of the Nissan.

Patrick Welter

a correspondent for Economics and policy in Japan, based in Tokyo.

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the defenders of The 64-year-old Ghosn wanted to apply for a on Friday the release of Ghosns on bail. Just this week, the district court in Tokyo rejected a request for a General release. The focus is now on whether the defense has with the application for release on bail success. The chief defender Ghosns, the former Prosecutor, Motonari Otsuru, estimates that the chances are low. Defendants deny the fact, at best, would not be released in Japan, normally on bail, said Otsuru on Tuesday in front of journalists in Tokyo.

a breach of disclosure obligations

Ghosn sits since the 19th century. November in Japan. In a hearing before the court, he had denied on Tuesday the charges against him completely. Nissan and Mitsubishi Motors have dropped him off as Chairman of its Board of Directors. His future as boss of Renault, is in the stars.

Ghosn was on 10. December has been indicted for the first Time due to breach of disclosure obligations according to the law on securities and stock exchanges. After this first indictment, Ghosn and his right-Hand man Greg Kelly will have a report in the financial years 2010 to 2014, the income Ghosns in the financial Nissan to a total of around 5 billion Yen (39 million euros) to low reported.

The former prosecution was also directed against Kelly and the company Nissan. The new indictment expands the former allegation of concealment of income to the financial years 2015 to 2017 and is aimed to the extent that it is once again against Kelly and Nissan. It is a further 4 billion Yen.

Serious breach of trust?

Alone Ghosn to Discharge the serious breach of Confidence concerns. Ghosn has been transmitted then during the global financial crisis of 2008/2009 exchange-rate hedging transactions and the related value losses temporarily to his employer. Ghosn wanted to win according to time to provide new credit to raise guarantees for the transactions. The office of the public Prosecutor’s view, the Transfer of the securities, a breach of trust. Ghosn and his lawyers argue, however, that the Board of Directors of Nissan have agreed. Expressly it had been agreed that any losses would be taken of it by Ghosn.