To ‘fast break’, an initiative set up by Test-aankoop, has received over the last three years, more than 9,000 information products to be quickly let down. It is important to have smart phones, printers, and washing machines, says the consumers ‘ association. “Because of the success of getting the notification center now has a European extension.”

The Belgian finished second last year to an average of 10.3 pounds of e-waste. “The reports that we receive through a fast break is just the tip of the iceberg,” said Simon, in November, the president of Test-achats. “To a lot of products early on the piece, not repaired, and it may be too soon disposed of. Less than 68 percent of the reported products that were under the age of three years old. Consumers in the purchase, how long their phone, tablet, headphones, or a kettle that will last. The reality is that we have products that will fail more quickly discard it as repair is too difficult or too expensive. The consequences for our wallets and for the environment.”

The success was so great that, now, the consumer groups from the Netherlands, Germany, France, Italy, spain, Portugal are in a similar hotline is going to be launched. Therefore, they get financial support from the European Commission for the next four years, € 5 million is going to release. “As an aid to further investigation by consumer groups, academia, and car repair shops.”

This is easy: if you restore your machine:
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