citizens automated evaluate and manage, which is reminiscent of now infamous systems from China. But also in the European Union, the machines with governance: This shows one of the F. A. Z. in advance of this overview study, prepared by the organization algorithm watch in cooperation with the Bertelsmann Foundation, and on Tuesday in the Euro Parliament wants to present. The 150 pages contain reports on the use of Software for administrative decisions in a number of fields, from tax administration to the decision on social benefits.

Hendrik Wieduwilt

editor of the economy in Berlin, is responsible for “law and taxes”.

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my, The researchers, the discussion about automated decisions are currently dominated by examples from America and lists of abundant illustrative material, from the EU: Hungary, Greece and Latvia, for example, to test a virtual border guards to detect through automated Interviews deceptions by migrants.

In Denmark, it came out last year to a public Outcry, because local authorities wanted to say with model calculations of risks for the child’s well-being before. Points ratings for mental disorders, unemployment, but also missed appointments with the doctor should assess the risk to children. In December the government introduced the plans. In Italy, a project to choose the most effective and efficient treatments for patients and optimize health expenditures.

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the tax honesty checks Italy by Algorithms, by, for example, the income and the expenditure or bills, and the standard of living enough to be matched with each other. Another System calculated from tax returns and the possible anomalies of a scale value from 0 to 10. Thus, a reward system should be introduced – who achieved a better value, is to be spared from certain tax audits.

help with A example, called SyRI in the Netherlands, to discover social security fraud. The System combined, according to the study authors, data from the tax return with information from other sources. An algorithm decides, based on some unknown criteria, whether a citizen is marked as suspicious or not. The Ministry of labour in Poland categorized as unemployed, then what type can get help from the local employment offices.

The data used is collected through questionnaires and the resulting two-indicator we calculated the “distance from the labour market”, as well as the “willingness, in the labour market (again)”. A authorities employee could change the profile while manually, however, this happens in only one percent of the cases.

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The town of Trelleborg in Sweden, automates parts of the decision-making process in relation to social benefits. Applications are automatically matched with other databases, such as the tax authority or authorities for public housing. The decision is made by the System automatically. The number of case handlers had been from eleven to three lowered.