Sentimental crowd, I’m ten years old, L’amour à la machine… There are countless successes in Alain Souchon’s career. Could the talent of this unique artist be hereditary? Everything leads to believe it since the two sons of the singer have both followed in the footsteps of their father and are now making a career in the music industry.

The story of Pierre, the eldest of the family, is not unlike that of his father. Born in 1972, the latter also has a lifelong friend with whom he works his music, and, just like for his father, this sidekick is none other than… a Voulzy.

Indeed, Pierre Souchon and Julien Voulzy are very good friends and in 1994 formed a duo called Les Cherche Midi. Together, they released two albums, one the year the group was formed and the other in 1997. Later, the young singer decided to devote himself to his solo career and signed a first album, Pierre, in 2004 then a another, Piteur’s Friends, in 2010.

Pierre Souchon will have carried out numerous collaborations throughout his career, in particular with prestigious artists such as Sandrine Kiberlain, Jane Birkin, Elie Semoun or even M, without forgetting of course those carried out with his father and his little brother, Charles.

Better known under the pseudonym Ours, the latter is the youngest of the Souchon family. Born in 1978, he produced his first album, Mi, in 2007, before releasing El, his second, four years later. Throughout his career, Ours has had the privilege of collaborating with big names in music such as Lily Allen, Grand Corps Malade, Claire Keim, Zaz and Hollysiz.