Between Alain Souchon and Laurent Voulzy, it’s a friendship that has lasted since 1974. At that time, the Franco-Swiss singer was preparing his first opus and looking for an arranger to make it happen. Before reading, the artist and musician from Guadeloupe had already started his career.

It was then that Laurent Voulzy met Alain Souchon through Bob Socquet, the artistic director of RCA Records. However, the beginnings of the collaboration around his record started on a slight resentment. “In fact, I must admit that it all started from a small crisis of jealousy that I had,” admits the former companion of Véronique Jannot for Current Woman in 2014.

“I had been signed to RCA for a few years, where they let me do one 45 rpm a year. […] I dreamed of doing this Rose d’Or competition, and they never sent me there. Alain arrives, and after two weeks, they put it on this competition! I had it in the throat, “he recalls, admitting. “But I liked his song, really, and when it was suggested that we work together I was delighted”. And, his sidekick Alain Souchon to add. “We each made songs on our own that didn’t interest many people”.

However, the musical agreement between the two artists will bear fruit since Alain Souchon signed his first success that year: I am ten years old. “Well, let’s admit… A success could have been by chance”, modestly conceded his interpreter. In 1977, Alain Souchon uses his author’s pen to offer his friend Rockollection, of which this denier composes the music. The same year, Laurent Voulzy offered his talents as a musician for his friend who triumphed with Y’a d’la rumba dans l’air.

After 48 years of friendship, Alain Souchon and Laurent Voulzy are still popular with the public through their records, concerts and musical duos. “It’s not necessarily the sounds that I listen to in French music, but I really like the duo he forms with Laurent Voulzy”, confides Martin for Planet, musician and ex-candidate of The Voice Kids, who sang with his choir for a song by the artist (Le jour et la nuit) in 2012. Three years later, the two friends even published their joint opus which won the award for Best Song Album at the Victoires de la Musique . Focus on their friendship story in pictures.