the Old hoax message has started to rotate again the network in Finland and around the world. The message is largely a hoax, but part of it worth taking seriously.

in a Message warned in the video called Martinelli. This threatened to hack the phone unusable. In the same message are also warned that the “Pope dance” video.

F-Secure research director Mikko Hyppönen said that for some reason this age-old scam is now gone corona of the crisis in the middle of moving.

for Example, this kind of scam messages have become:

If you know someone Whatsapp to use, you may pass this. An It colleague has announced that Whatsapp will become tomorrow video, called martinelli, do not open it, it will hack your phone, and nothing fixes it. Spread the word, the message says.

– please report all the list of contacts, so that you do not open a video named “Pope dance”. It is a virus that formats your mobile phone. Beware that it is very dangerous, in the message also says.

the Message has warned schoolchildren, for example, in Ylöjärvi. Many an adult either has received it on his cell phone.

no One has reportedly received warning of a video

Already, the message inaccurate kirjoitusosa can imply that it is translated into other languages. The same type of messages it is moving the world in the last few days.

the British Independent magazine (you move to another service), nobody really know, what is this Martinelli-video. The video is not anyone known to have received, although its claims may have been threatened, at least since last summer.

Gabriel Martinelli is a brazilian football player and a young promise. He represents the English premier league playing for Arsenal and there have been transfer rumours of the subject. Same scam message to spread, however, already before he was famous.

Independent according to Martinelli’s ordinary surname, who is a california orange juice company and the former Panamanian president.

the same type of scam messages moving already in 2015, the video names are just varied.

the Message to destroy the peace. A chain letter worth to stop in the bud. It may arouse unnecessary concern on the recipient.

– Net against future warning messages should not share blindly forward, even if the intention was good. If the threat is real, a link to a reliable source is much better than a chain letter-esque to spread the message, Hyppönen said.

Also, the security company Sophos told The nation lowest for the (switch to another service), that the Martinelli-to convey a message does not make harm to the phone. Instead, it might arouse unnecessary concern for those who receive it. Worth the stop in this chain letter.

Because clearly there is nothing Martinelli video, Whatsapp users are safe.

Whatsapp Gold download was a malware

in the Same scam message warns also Whatsapp Gold.

If you receive a message to upgrade Whatsapp Goldiksi, don’t click, the message says.

This warning is worth taking seriously, if you get a later, separate message asking to update Whatsapp Goldiksi. The message should delete, and download the new version.

This is an old network spread to the scourge. Mikko Hyppönen told that Whatsapp Gold -the name is really seen in Android malware, but that too, four years ago.

– currently, the move did not have any real attacks that relate to the way Whatsapp Gold, martinelli’s, or the pope, Hyppönen calm down.

website Snopes reports Gold already in 2016 (you move to another service), when Whatsapp Gold -mails went around the world.

the message in the talk was that finally the secret of the golden version of Whatsapp has been leaked. The message said this version is just for big celebrities, but now you too can use it.

Snopes says (switch to another service) it was malware, if it download. The first place should not download suspicious or strange content to your own mobile phone or pc.

the Topic can discuss 27.3. at 23, until.

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