was orphaned After years in which the town hall on the market square, largely renovated in the town of Hanau, the historic building. The Work has already begun in the late summer, but it was only on Monday evening, the city agreed to be prescribed to the plans for the conversion, and shares the money for the Work. According to the current statements, the restructuring will cost more than previously assumed, namely almost EUR 9.3 million. So far the expenditure had been estimated at nearly six million.

The town hall on the market square dates back to the year 1733, and was rebuilt after destruction in the Second world war, 1964. It is one of the few Hanauer houses, which were made after the fire night of the year in 1945, on the original. But this is true only for the facade – the Interior has been completely divided. The administration is housed in a modern building, which is the old town hall is U-shaped surrounds.

use of largely

In 2012, says, that the old building meets the new regulations for fire protection, such as Baudezernent and mayor Axel Weiss-Thiel (SPD) explained. Therefore, the use had been said largely. The upper floors may no longer be entered. The session hall of the city Council and the group of rooms that are there, not for five years. The city Parliament is currently in the Congress Park in Hanau, Germany, it met in the house of a citizen in the district of Wolfgang. The ground floor is used, however, in spite of the blocking. There is currently, as in previous years, an artist instead of Christmas market.

the tag to be built in the building Department, according to a new staircase and a lift installed so that each floor will be barrier-free accessible. Also disabled toilets are provided. Load-bearing parts would need to be reinforced, the concrete was upgraded ribbed ceiling. The changes are noticeable, the window from the sixties to be replaced by mullioned Windows with frames made of wood.

Check the wear parts

The expenses were higher than initially planned, because you can assess the static only to the beginning of the Work, said Weiss-Thiel. After Removing the panels you have can check the bearing parts.

The template that the house is being gutted. The whole house is renovated, so the heating, ventilation, Laundry rooms, and electrical connections. Weiss-Thiel pointed out, the amount of ten million Euro is provided exclusively for the construction, not for new furniture and equipment, such as projectors for presentations.