For the first time, new Corona cases – Isolation shortens: new Zealand stumbles through his compassion, two sisters were dismissed in Auckland for family reasons prematurely from quarantine. Shortly thereafter, they were tested positive for Covid-19 – you are the first new cases after about three Corona-free weeks.0 KommentareDie new Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern had to explain to your country, which is why two sisters prematurely from quarantine were released without being previously on Covid-19 have been tested. Photo:

new Zealand has confirmed after weeks without new infections for at least three Corona cases. As health Director-General Ashley Bloomfield on Thursday announced that it was a man tested positive had traveled from Pakistan to Qatar, initially to Australia. From there, the 60-Year-old on the 13 be. June to new Zealand, more traveled and have been in mandatory quarantine when he got symptoms of lung disease and a positive effect on the Virus was tested.

For frowns in the Land were but the first two new cases. This had been reported in new Zealand on Tuesday, after more than three weeks without an active Corona-Ill. The new Zealand sisters were at 7. June from United Kingdom travelled to say goodbye to a dying parent, and were first in Isolation. This should take up to 14 days on 13. In June, they received but a family exception permit to allow a last visit. Although one of the women showed symptoms of the disease, were released the two, without having to be tested again, from the Hotel, where they spent the quarantine.

The sisters agreed to make the eight hour car journey from Auckland to Wellington without a break or a toilet break. Later it turned out, however, that you had brief contact with two friends who borrowed them the car. After the sisters had lost on the motorway network in Auckland, the orientation helped them, the two friends are on the right path. On Monday, both sisters were tested positive for Covid-19.

Ardern, the military switches to a

The new Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who performed recently in front of pleasure that your Corona-free country dance, was in a opinion on TV upset about the incident. “We demand not only one, but two Tests must be carried out in these quarantine facilities. That was not the case, and there are no excuses,” said Ardern in front of the media. “This represents an unacceptable failure of the system, and I cannot allow our progress to be playful, because processes are not being adhered to.”

Shortly before it was announced that ten more people out of compassion received such “exceptions for family reasons” and their Isolation for a funeral in advance could leave. At the funeral, you were together with 200 other persons – a total of 313 people are due to the “compassionate exceptions” meanwhile, in the Contact-Tracing under observation. Ardern no longer set the family exemption, effective immediately, so that there are such cases, and announced that the military would review the quarantine measures.

new Zealand remains a Corona-free

it was always assumed that there would be at the border of Corona cases, said Ardern and not waived, on request, to designate new Zealand as the “Corona-free”. The trans-Tasman freedom of travel between Australia and new Zealand also remains for the time being, because both countries as a Corona-free.

The new Zealand health Director Bloomfield but warned: “We will see more cases. The number of cases worldwide continues to rise.” All passengers on flights from Australia to new Zealand must therefore in future masks, it said.

the new Zealand government had on 8. June, after the recovery of the last Covid-19-patients in the first wave of the Corona-pandemic overcome, and the Land for Corona declared free. For 24 days, no new cases were reported. The strict border controls remained in place, all the other limitations and rules were, however, repealed. The new Corona cases underlined the importance of strict border controls were, had Bloomfield declared on Tuesday.


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