tens of thousands of people have welcomed Japan’s Emperor Akihito for the last Time in his term of office for the New year. “I hope this year is a good year for as many people as possible,” said the 85-year-old Monarch, on 30. April will resign after three decades on the chrysanthemum throne. He is the first Emperor in the oldest hereditary monarchy in the world for around 200 years, the power during the lifetime of the throne for his successor.

1. May his eldest son, crown Prince Naruhito, to the throne. Together with Naruhito and other members of his family, Akihito, the Tradition showed, according to several times on the glassed-in balcony of Chowa-Den-Palace.

He will pray at the beginning of the year of peace and happiness for his country and for the people all over the world, said to his people, a popular Monarch on Wednesday. Thrilled the huge crowd waving flags, the quantities small the National. Many were the popular Emperor with a “Banzai”-Call high life. The Japanese Hochruf is supposed to bring good luck for ten thousand years. Others shouted, “Thank you, your Majesty”.

Since he’s on 7. In January 1989, he ascended to the throne, Emperor Akihito and his wife Empress Michiko, tirelessly for the people of his country. With her on the side he made to the Victims of natural disasters, courage, visited nursing homes and facilities for the disabled and also presented on international travel as a dignified Symbol of his country.

But Akihito’s health. In the summer of last year, the Monarch had been in a rare Video message to identify to want to in the face of his diminishing forces to abdicate. The Parliament allowed him this later by special law.

In the sunshine the air, huge numbers of people found themselves in a cold winter early in the Morning in front of the Palace in the heart of Tokyo. In the past year, nearly 127.000 people had greeted the monarch to the new year, as many as never before since his accession to the throne in 1989. It was expected that it would be this year even more people. The normal people have only two opportunities in the year to come to the Palace in Tokyo in close proximity to the new year at 2. Of January and the birthday of Emperor Akihito on December 23. December.