The German handball player tracks long after the final whistle, still completely overwhelmed: captain Uwe Gensheimer spoke of a “phenomenal” experience in Cologne, circle runner Jannik Kohlbacher felt also in the connection to the a 24:19 win against Iceland “goosebumps”. With the deserved success at the start in the main round of the world Cup, the DHB-selection has taken a first step towards the semi-finals.

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The euphoric mood in the with of 19,250 spectators at the sold-out Cologne Arena is to carry the German Team is also pioneering the next game against Croatia on Monday (20.30 clock in the F. A. Z.-liveticker for the Handball-world Cup in ZDF) to success. She is one of four factors, which make the team of national coach Christian Prokop is currently so strong.

the game plan of the Handball world championship 2019 in Germany and Denmark

enthusiasm: “Berlin has got the Maximum,” said defensive player Finn Lemke. “But here, it is noticeable that a higher audience number.” In comparison to the preliminary round play in the capital city of 6000 spectators more in the hall in Cologne. And the Fans in the stands gave it their all, no matter whether the German team is in the lead, lagging behind, or in was number. “This is for all of us a hell of a story,” enthused Germany coach Christian Prokop. “The fact is that we will need in the next two opponents, the great backdrop.”

balance: Hardly any other team at this tournament is open to all positions so balanced, such as the DHB-selection. No matter which player comes to the plate – there is no serious drop in performance has been noticeable. Also, the world Cup newcomers like Fabian Böhm and Matthias Musche get your game shares. Shelly was in the final preliminary round game against Serbia, even the best scorer of the German team.

Defensive: “What did Finn, Bam Bam and Peke because in the inner block, was phenomenal,” said goalkeeper Andreas Wolff. A brief explanation: He thinks Finn Lemke, Patrick Wiencek and Hendrik Pekeler of the three defensive specialists in Prokop’s team. Since the beginning of the tournament, the German Defensive acts, especially thanks to you, at the very highest level. So far so few have been conceding goals, but also to Keeper Wolff and his colleague Silvio Heinevetter.