After the forest fires in California power utility PG&E driving casual killing of U.S. energy company PG&E is considered to be one of the causes of the forest fires in California in 2018. Over 80 people were killed and 12,000 houses burned. Now PG&E has for negligent homicide pleaded guilty.In November 2018, forest fires had destroyed the small town of Paradise in Northern California completely.Keystone it came to the 84 people have been killed.KEYSTONE2019 had agreed that PG&E already Concerned about compensation in the amount of approximately $ 25 billion.KEYSTONE1 / 8

one and a Half years after the forest fires in California, with over 80 dead, has known the electricity supplier Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) for negligent homicide, guilty. Before a court in Butte County were read on Tuesday the names of 84 people who had come in to the fire in the town of Paradise and killed. He would apologize personally “with great sadness and Regret” for the pain caused, said PG&E CEO Bill Johnson to court.

The so-called “Camp”-fire destroyed in November 2018, nearly the whole village of Paradise. More than 12’000 houses burned down. The fire was traced to faulty power cables. “Our equipment caused the fire,” admitted Johnson. A strong Wind helped the flames spread quickly.

Our equipment caused the fire.

Bill Johnson, PG&E chief

to pay back in March, the group had committed a penalty in the amount of approximately four million dollars. After further hearings this week, in which victims are supposed to get a word in, want to make a judge a formal judgment. The district of Butte County had sued the company.

2019 had agreed that PG&E already Concerned about compensation in the amount of approximately $ 25 billion. The claims of thousands of claimants originated from several Wildfires in Northern California from the years 2015 to 2018.

California’s largest power utility was notified by the beginning of 2019 with an estimated debt of more than $ 50 billion bankruptcy. Governor Gavin Newsom brought sharp criticism of the group. Years of mismanagement have led to an ailing power grid. PG&E had failed to make its facilities safer.