finally, the Judges will be available for the immediate arrest of an accused, may be recommended if there is a risk of re-offending. The parliamentary Committee of Justice has, on that Wednesday, all of the items of the bill of an N-VA Member of parliament, Sophie, The White is adopted. This was in the aftermath of the murder of Julie From Aspen wood.

at the moment, the immediate stop will only be ordered if there is a vluchtgevaar by a defendant. The murder of Julie From Aspen in Antwerp in the spring of this year showed the limits of this. The perpetrator is Steve Baekelmans, was previously convicted and sentenced for the rape of his ex-girlfriend, but he appealed and went, he remained a free man.

The bill passed by the N-VA Member of parliament, Sophie in The White of the commission on Wednesday approved, will recidivegevaar as an additional criterion to add to the law on pre-trial detention.

Almost all of the political groups in support of the proposal by The White. Only the LABOUR party voted against it. The proposal would be for the rights of the accused to be a lot of curb and it would be a problem, as in the case Of Aspen wood does not fix it, he said of the LABOUR party Member of parliament, Nabil Boukili. The offender Baekelmans was, after all, the judge is released and judge whether the court was of the preliminary arrest may be extended.

– The PS has submitted a proposal that for the immediate arrest may be made if there is evidence of domestic violence against women, and, if the detention is necessary for the safety of the public. The French socialists asked for a second reading, so that the final vote has been delayed.

After the approval of the Justice committee, the text should go to the plenary Room.

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