no one Yet knows, with what pace the SUV drove and what, exactly, to the accident on the highway in Norfolk – the only certainty is that Prince Philip was at the wheel, this year will be 98 years old. His Range Rover overturned, until he landed on the page. And if the “Daily Mail” has been properly researched, it was concluded the Duke of Edinburgh afterwards by a passer-by out of the sunroof of the car. After a brief Shake he then approached the other car that was involved in the accident. There, the Prince asked: “are you All right?”

Jochen Buchsteiner

Political correspondent in London.

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Just about. The driver cut wounds to the leg and the co-driver had a broken wrist. The nine-month-old Boy who was strapped in the back seat, came up with a fright. The Prince said his deliverer, seemed “very shocked”. Injuries he has suffered, according to the king’s Palace. The court’s report Rapporteur Ingrid Seward suspected, however, on Friday, that the Prince should have gotten later, after his return to the Palace of Sandringham, something. The Queen is safe, “was very upset,” she said.

The Windsors are concerned that your stubborn head of the family to his freedoms. At public appearances, Philip takes part, but the tax – and the reins – he does not want to give up. Most recently, Philip had been on a carriage seen. His facial expression in the photo, put the impression up close that he has the horses, with a considerable speed drive.

In the UK there are esFahrtauglichkeitsuntersuchungen

In a first reaction to the “Council” of Norfolk lowered the speed limit on the accident-road, of 60 miles to 50, so about 96 kilometers per hour to about 80. But that the thing should not be done. In some of the Newspapers a discussion on age restrictions for a driving licence raised. Edmund King from the AA, a kind of British ADAC, announced on Friday that the Kingdom is about five millions of drivers were older than 75 years. 250 British driver would have even the 100. Birthday. Find some cause for concern, even if every driver after his 70. Birthday must undergo every three years a driving fitness examination.