The Hessian state election of 28. October has been approximately challenged a dozen Times. The Chairman of the election review court in the Western state of Hesse, Dirk beautiful city informed, on dpa request in Kassel. There are eleven objections were met. The question of the applicants and the justifications made beautiful urban unanswered.

Among other things, the Free voters had announced their intention to the election because of Doubts as to the counting challenge. It had districts given on election night, in the multiple choice part of significant breakdowns, among other things in Frankfurt.

in 2013, there were nine objections

Each person entitled to vote may appeal against the validity of an election objection, the election review court to decide. As the country’s electoral head said, it was at the state election in 2013, nine appeals, and in 2009 eight appeals.

the composition of The new audit court, the state election of 28. October will examine, in the Constitution of the 20. In Hesse on 18. January 2019 will be chosen.