The tradition-rich British car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover, strokes 4500 Jobs, or around 10 percent of its Digits. The company had to reduce its costs and focus on its long-term growth in the future focus, said the car maker this Thursday. Get started with a “voluntary” program in the UK, it said.

The job cuts affect almost exclusively the homeland of the manufacturer, where the company 42,500 in his world of 44,000 employees. According to media reports, mainly Jobs will be eliminated in the management. The removal of the jobs a part of a comprehensive savings program, with the car maker in 18 months, around 2.5 billion pounds will be saved. Last year, 1,500 employees left the company already.

the main reason: the Brexit

Jaguar Land Rover is the largest vehicle manufacturer in the UK, and now belongs to the Indian group Tata Motors. He is among those who have warned, according to most of the consequences of the Brexits for British producers.