After attacks on police officers and firefighters in the new year’s eve want to adopt Berlin’s interior Senator Andreas hostage (SPD), a firecracker ban for two focal points in the city. The ban on private fireworks for next year is to apply to the Hermannplatz in Neukölln, and the area around the Pallas street in the beautiful mountain. There had been in the new year’s eve night, a street battle, which was resolved by a police hundred. The officials had been fired on with rockets and firecrackers were thrown at them, and wüst have been insulted.

Such Assaults on police officers and firefighters would have to be ostracized by society, said hostage on Monday in the house of representatives. In other places in Berlin, where officials attacked had been going to place use hundreds. First of all, he wanted to test the two zones, also the bans would need to be set. According to the hostage, there were the new year’s eve in Berlin 43 attacks and acts of Resistance against the police.