A great golfer said that his team didn’t know where the ball was due to the missing piece of the club.

Bubba Watson hit a 295-yard shot during Friday’s second round of Travelers Championship. However, some viewers in the gallery missed the tee after his driver lost his head mid-swing.

Watson’s club broke at the par-4, 35-yard second hole. However, it didn’t affect the three-time Travelers champion from placing the ball only 50 yards away.

“It was a great tee shot right down to the middle. He said ironically, “I chipped it in there and made birdie putt.”

Watson stated that nobody has been struck by it in his previous experiences with a negligent driver. “Dustin Johnson was just out of the way so it didn’t reach anyone, so nobody got hurt.”

Watson stated that his team didn’t know where the ball was initially landed out of concern about the missing club piece. “Once the ball hits, you’re focused on where your driver head goes.”

Watson said that the mishap was due to weather conditions, travel or overuse. However, he always had a spare driver on hand just in case.

“It’s one those things that have happened before, and I always keep a backup. He said that they brought the backup to me two holes later, and I used it the rest of the afternoon.” “I knew there were only a few drivers left so it wasn’t too much of a deal.

Watson made fun of Brooks Koepka, a competitor after no one was unfortunately hurt.

Brooks would have been Brooks if I were going to hit anyone. He was not there, however. I’m not a very good aimer.

Watson tied for first on Friday with -8.