Discrimination due to Corona – Africans are made in China as scapegoats because the country is afraid of a second wave of Infection, are of Black suspects. Many of the African countries in order to Protest Chinese Ambassador.Bernd Dörries from Kapstadt47 Kommentare47Zwei men with masks in the African Village in Guangzhou: In this Region of China, Africans were thrown out of Hotels and homes, just because they are black.Keystone/EPA/Alex Plavevski

something had ever experienced hardly a Chinese Diplomat, to have such a public humiliation of surrender. A good week before the speaker of the Nigerian Parliament, Femi Gbajabiamila, invited the Chinese Ambassador Zhou Pingjian, into his office and began to settle him in front of the camera mass. Later, the Video was posted on the Internet. “It’s almost undiplomatic, the way we speak, what is it that happens I am very upset about what,” said Gbajabiamila.

A feeling that he shared with many millions of people on the African continent, have seen in the past few weeks, Videos from the Region of Guangzhou in the social networks in which it is shown how Africans from their Hotels and apartments are thrown in which they are not more reports of it, to be allowed in Restaurants, because they are black – they tell of the everyday racism in China. Had started the racist failures at the beginning of April, as some Nigerians have tested positive for Covid-19, and one of them allegedly Chinese had sick are attacked sister.

McDonald’s refused to allow Black access

the following appears to be from the local government launched a campaign against Africans who were thrown out of their homes, their Jobs lost, and only because of their skin color in quarantine had to go started. The quarter Xiao bei Lu in the 13-million city of Guangzhou is also called Africa Town. Tens of thousands of traders, who come primarily from Nigeria and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, act here with textiles, using traditional African fabrics and clothes made in China and then in the home is exported. Racism have existed in China, report.

But now he was out of control. Even McDonald’s Black denied access. Only Ambassador Zhou had not seen the Videos seem to be prompting him, the speaker of Parliament, Gbajabiamila was happy to help. Subsequently, Zhou bowed and promised to take the complaints very seriously. They currently come from many Parts of the continent; a dozen African countries, ordered by the Chinese Ambassador. Moussa Faki Mahamat, the Chairman of the African Union expressed its “extreme concern”. It is an unusual process, because African countries such as South Africa or Ghana problems with China are normally in the Breastfeeding rules. And China has public criticism as interference in internal Affairs.

Beijing, the error admits a

this Time, Beijing promised to improve. Zhao Lijia, the spokesman of the Ministry of foreign Affairs, spoke of the “understandable concerns and legitimate concerns” that were raised. The question is whether the damage is remedied quickly. In Nigeria and Kenya, the Trouble in the Newspapers and social media was big, a member of Parliament in Nairobi, thinking out loud, all the Chinese have to be shown. China has used in the past few years, a lot of money and time to invest in most of the African countries in infrastructure projects and to intensify the diplomatic relations. In return, it gave access to raw materials and support in the bodies of the UN. It is a purpose was more Alliance than a cordial friendship. As it goes on, is open. Many countries are upset that China makes no effort to relieve you of the burden of the foreign debt. It would be a conciliatory gesture.

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