AfD-claim of the German constitutional court, alleges Seehofer2018 the German Minister of the interior of the AfD accused in an Interview with “the state undermining” behavior. The Text of his Statement, he should not have been then, not on the side of the Ministry to publish.1 Kommentar1Direkte consequences for the Minister of the interior has not the judgment.Photo: Fabrizio Bensch/Reuters

The German interior mini sterster Horst Seehofer would not be allowed to publish an Interview with AfD-critical Statements on the website of his Ministry. Thus, he had violated the commandment of state neutrality and the party in your rights to equal opportunities are violated, decided by the Federal constitutional court in Karlsruhe.

“the admissibility of The public Relations work of the Federal government ends where advertising or influence, against the individual in the political competition of parties, or people will begin,” said the outgoing court President Andreas Vosskuhle on Tuesday its expected to be the final verdict. In particular, the back should remain on the handle with the office associated resources.

Direct consequences for the Minister, the judgment has not. The Interview is no longer available on the website.

The stand against this state. Because you can say a thousand Times, they are Democrats.

Horst Seehofer, Minister of the interior of Germany

The Interview had the CSU politician in September 2018, the German press Agency. Immediately before the AfD had tried to group in the Bundestag, the budget of the Federal President to discuss. Your accusation: Frank-Walter Steinmeier have called “for a radical left-wing major event” that he had supported a concert against racism, the temporarily of the protection of the Constitution observed on the left of punk band Fine cream fish fillet.

Seehofer commented in the Interview with the words: “This is for our state highly dangerous.” You can’t “abkanzeln as the President of the Federal Republic”. “The state is catabolic.” In addition, he said: “The take a stand against this state. Because you can say a thousand Times, you are Democrats.”

After the publication of the Ministry of the dpa Text to the other reports in the media, on its website put. The AfD had complained in a very similar case to the highest German court already once successfully against the then education Minister Johanna Wanka (CDU).

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