The Federal office for the protection of the Constitution (BfV), according to a report by the newspaper “daily mirror” in AfD leader Alexander Gauland also personally problematic tendencies. For instance, some of the domestic intelligence service Gauland “völkisch-nationalist society pictures,” the newspaper reported on Thursday. The “daily mirror” relied on the as yet unpublished, 442 pages long opinion of the BfV to the AfD, the magazine’s editors.

In the opinion Gauland is mentioned, therefore, in particular more than 90 Times, to his Co-leader, Jörg Meuthen it is less than 20 entries. Gauland’m going to put in it a “defamation of those who are not part of the own, re-evaluated group are” to load.

Remarks in a speech in June of 2016, to be Kept in the AfD-in-chief, therefore, also, that it is the policy of many social forces and the churches, “that this country will disappear from the earth, and, so to speak, only to still have any us foreign population here”.

A reinforced observation?

in addition, support Gauland “a clear immigration policy, the migrants, torture, the death penalty, or other adverse effects on the people would be exposed to” hot it is in the report. In General, the AfD chief had in his speech at the Brandenburg AfD-state Convention in 2018, “the democratic order as a Whole in question, as alleged unjust regime branded and, ultimately, the legitimacy denied”.

The report is the basis for the decision of the constitutional protection, the classified AfD overall, as a so-called test case. This means increased monitoring, although initially not with intelligence agents, but only by an evaluation of publicly available sources.