With the introduction of the AfD in the Hessian state Parliament, as an additional group to increase the number of Vice-presidents from five to six. The parliamentary Secretary of the political groups have agreed on how to hessenschau.de reported. To ensure that the computer to table, each group one of the Items. It is questionable, however, whether the AfD candidate gets the required majority in the Parliament.

According to an AfD spokesperson, the Deputy Bernd Erich Vohl for the office in the discussion. A decision on the nomination will be made on the constituent meeting of the AfD group on Friday morning.

AfD-man President

In the Bundestag and the Hessian AfD Deputy Mariana Harder failed, most recently in December 2018,-Kühnel, in the election to the Deputy of the Bundestag President. The AfD group in the Bundestag shall, therefore, currently no Vice.

F. A. Z.-Newsletter “Hauptwache”

So the day begins in Frankfurt and Rhine-Main: the most Important points in brief, with References to mobile speed cameras, road closures, and restaurants.

In the Bundestag had changed the CDU and the SPD, with the majority of the rules of procedure, so that no AfD was allowed to open up a politician as an old President of the inaugural session. In Hessen, the AfD-politician Rolf Kahnt on Friday as the eldest member of Parliament, and to old President hold the opening speech in the Parliament.