to speak with Alexander Gauland: The pile ferments. The spin-off of “German patriots” to André Poggenburg, however, is more than just the repetition of what was customary in the AfD.

Who could not assert himself in the leadership, chose the supposed recipe for success, and founded a new party. So, Bernd Lucke and Frauke Petry landed in an Offside position. Poggenburgs step in the overall party and the Eastern German land associations significantly more restlessness. It is the first cleavage of the radical right wing, i.e., where the Eastern parts of the AfD anyway tend. The prospects of success in the state elections in Thuringia, Brandenburg and Saxony, a dull.

Can claim the name validly published and its satellite, the on a split of the AfD in a “bourgeois” and a “racial” part. The CDU, the SPD and the Left will breathe a sigh of relief in the three election-countries. A relief on the populist front, but it is not. The civil Rest-AfD could be used for protest voters even more attractive.