Analysis of the current tourism advertising – Carefree holidays in Switzerland – until the second wave?Local regions to advertise in Videos with the depths of the Corona the case of numbers. There is an unnecessarily high risk.Opinion Andreas Tobler4 Kommentare4

holiday, finally! For most of us, it is in the next couple of weeks so far. And it is strongly advertised that we spend this time in Switzerland. It is also okay to discover beauty in the immediate vicinity. Or try, whether it is really so hard, what is called in the climate of youth in terms of self-constraint.

And there are also pragmatic reasons that speak in this year for summer vacation in the Switzerland. After all, who wants to cancel his elaborately organized overseas holidays, when just at the dream destination-the case of the numbers up fast, or even a second Corona is removed the shaft?

But the current commercials for the Swiss tourism destinations significantly over the Pragmatic and Sensible: “Experienced and safe”, i.e. it is approximately in the Spot of Ticino. “A country where you don’t have to worry about anything that will take care of you”, you can hear in the Clip of Switzerland tourism.

Wasn’t there just something with that Corona-Virus – from the ban on public Assembly to the Lockdown? Exactly, on all of the latest tourism ads for reference almost. “The nature touches you at the most”, it says in the Spot of Graubünden tourism, with the two animated stone Gian and Giachen goats, “since everyone has enough space,” says one of the two.

Clearly one of the attractions in Berne: “Palma de Mallorca, sand beach, Corona and pointed stones”, it is said. Classic negative advertising, with the help of a different holiday destination in favour of Bern is devalued.

What if it comes in Switzerland to a second Ischgl?

The Message of the current tourism advertising is not always clear: In Switzerland, it is not only as beautiful as it is elsewhere, you can also make a Corona-free holiday. The deep case, the numbers speak for themselves, you might say.

But what if there is a second wave? If a group in the Piazza Grande infects in Locarno with the Virus? If it comes in the Grisons to a second Ischgl? By then, the Spots of the local tourism regions to be flushed on Youtube to the top, of which the one from Switzerland tourism alone in the German-language Version of already over 400’000 Times was looked.

now you look at these Spots with a sick feeling, since an unnecessarily large risk will be discussed: The Swiss tourism regions advertise with a security that all desire, but it can guarantee no one.

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