Are you prone to adultery? This question may seem a little strange, but the fact is that some first names are more recurrent than others among people looking for an extramarital relationship.

The dating site Gleeden defines itself as “the first extra-marital dating site designed by women”. This site has identified the first names of its most unfaithful users, according to L’ With 2.5 million members in France, the site questioned 8,000 of its members as to the first names of users with whom they have an extra-marital relationship.

It should of course be emphasized that this classification is not to be taken literally. Just because your partner’s first name is on this list doesn’t necessarily mean you’re a cuckold. Especially since this survey is conducted among individuals who are unfaithful or seek to be unfaithful, a study group that is not very representative of the population as a whole.

However, it is true that our first names have an influence on our character and our personality. According to Cosmopolitan magazine, the choice of first name is necessarily representative of what parents say about their child, which therefore influences their way of educating him. The choice of first name can also demonstrate what some parents want for their child, expectations that will certainly influence their personal development over time.

Discover below the ranking of the 10 first names of women and men most disposed to infidelity.