Kristine and Michael Barnett dreamed of a big family, and it was decided in 2010, to the Ukrainian girl Natalia Grace was adopted. But it quickly turned their dream into a nightmare, and made the couple one, to say the least, remarkable statement: “Natalia is a grown woman, dwarf, and now we are being accused of negligence.”

The couple, at that time, a nursery and ran in to Westfield in the U.s. state of Indiana made it nine years ago, I know Natalia, Grace, and a sweet six-year-old girl with the curls that, at that time, in Florida, on his left hand. “I have always wanted a big family,” says Kristine in a recent interview with the DailyMailTV. “All three of my pregnancies were difficult and were far from flawless. I couldn’t have kids anymore.” But Kristine had a lot of love to give. “I have led a privileged life, and I was able to help other people, and so we chose adoption.”


The pair raced to Florida for a noodadoptie, in which the mother and father, but a 24-hour period for the adoption to be complete. “Since we got information about her in the past,” says Kristine. “We found out that she was already two years in the United States, was that she was born in the Ukraine. She was instantly a shelter is necessary, because her adoptive parents had her transferred. We don’t know why.”

you And Kristine also stressed the need not to. “Of course I do not know why they have a six-year-old girl who once again were paying, but I didn’t want to insist.” Also, Natalia was a very, very nervous. “We knew that they were suffering from a form of dwarfism. They had a great deal of care and attention. In the parking lot, we noticed that she was not able to walk, and we had to have her.”

the Pubic hair

As of the family a few days later, at the beach, went down, and there’s smoke in the flock of danger. “Suddenly, it began to Natalia, out of nowhere, to walk away. We couldn’t believe it.” After Michael left, then to his daughter in the bathtub was stopped, he was in a state of shock. They had to shut the door. My daughter was six years old, and have had a lot of pubic hair. When I found out that she is six years old.” Also, she spoke fluent English, and is used in complex words. “We have had a regular blood-stained clothes. She was trying to hide the fact that she menstruated.”

The family went on a visit to a primary care physician, and came to a remarkable conclusion of their six-year-old girl was actually an adult female dwarf. “When we have more and more questions, and changed her behavior. She wanted me to kill him. She put bleach in my coffee, shoved me up against an electric fence on, it was a hell of a job.” Natalia was admitted to a psychiatric center and was being treated for various psychiatric disorders. The couple went to the court of law. “We wanted to do that, Natalia was treated like an adult. The court conducted a leeftijdswijziging by: Natalia was 6 to 22 years of age.”


Natalia was out of the house, but Kristine continued her support. “I paid the rent on her apartment, bought the furniture, and eat it in front of her, and I arranged for her benefit…all of it.” However, when the family, with their three children, moved to Canada, was Natalia. “She called me, and I was very afraid that they will once again be a home of light it was. But I will be back next year, and we had moved on to the studies of my son.”

But he thinks the local police and judge. “In 2014, told Natalia that she was abandoned by her parents,” said a spokesperson from The Tippecanoe County Sheriff’s Department. “Natalia, underwent a medical test, and it turned out that she did in fact have a child.” Well, Michael, in the meantime, the ex-husband of Kristine, according to the police, admitted that he knew that they were minors, it was. This claim is strongly denied by defence lawyers. Both Kristine and Michael, is the Public Prosecutor’s office have been charged with negligence, and in the act of committing a crime against a child. The former couple is now free from the payment of a security deposit.

Or, to Natalia, whether or not the adult is, it is, for now, just guess work. Decision will follow in early October.
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