Do you really know your neighbor? A question that will intrigue many viewers this Thursday, October 27 in front of Addict, TF1’s new thriller. Split into six episodes of 52 minutes each, this mini-series created by Gilles Daniel and directed by Didier Le Pêcheur is carried by actress Cécile Bois.

This soap opera follows the story of Élodie and Yvan Marsais, a couple who comes to settle with their two children in a residential area in the countryside. House with garden, new life… All this is the “sign of an important step, supposed to give a new breath to their couple and a better balance to their teenagers Achille and Chloé”, specifies the chain in the presentation of the synopsis.

Among their new neighbors, Élodie and Yvan meet Bruno, a friendly and considerate man with each member of the family. A good surprise… at least in appearance. Because, little by little, Bruno reveals his dark side. His closeness and his mysterious intentions with the mother of the family and her daughter are likely to set fire to the wrath within the household. And, no one will come out of this toxic relationship unscathed.

Flagship heroine of this new addictive soap opera, Cécile Bois evokes this love triangle between her husband played by Medi Sadoun and her lover played by Sagamore Stévenin. “I was very lucky to work with them, because some scenes were sulphurous. They were extremely delicate, polite and modest with me”, she assures Télé 7 Jours.

For the famous actress, they are “very different boys”, comparing the two actors between “the burning fire and the calm sea”. “Sagamore is a squall who has a very strong need to exist and to express what he has in him. Medi is a light full of grace, humility and kindness”, she specifies to our colleagues . For the occasion, discover the key actors in the cast of the TF1 series in the slideshow.