There are many secrets to the Barca line-up. Xavi is a mystery. He is still unable to maneuver despite having four winter reinforcements and additional troops. Adama Traore seems happy. is in a better physical state than Pierre Emerick Aubameyang. and it will be headline. He has not played in two months as an Arsenal striker and his painful experiences with muscular injuries at Barca make it unlikely that he will be included in the team.
The forward is the Most populated Line in the Squad, but it also has the most players. Ansu is out, Memphis is out, Braithwaite only played 12 minutes since September when he returned in Bilbao. Luuk de Jong may be in serious trouble. Dembele has been readmitted to proscribed status, but may make a comeback.

Adama, Ferran Torres and Ferran Jutglar are still in the first team. A candidate is available to play left wing between Gavi and Abde., unless Dembele or Aubameyang win a starting position. Or Ferran Jutgla enjoys it again.

It was Dani Alves, a defender, who was defeated by three strikers and was therefore ruled out from the Europa League. “I feel sorry for Dani. He has been unfairly treated. He claimed that he had unfairly accused me of choosing him for the job, as it was better covered than his performance. Xavi.